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Curt has been an auctioneer since 1979 a graduate from Reisch World Wide Collage of Auctioneering Inc. Mason City Iowa. He obtain his real estate license in 1986 and worked as an agent until 1992 he then obtain his real estate brokers license after     completing real estate school at the WI Real Estate Association School in Madison, WI. He opened up Badger Real Estate & Auction Service in 1994. Since graduating from auctioneers school he has had hundreds of auctions and has sold as much real estate.


Karl Branske

Sales Associate

Karl graduated Berlin High School in 1984. After the manufacturing plant closed that Karl had spent twenty-two years in; Karl took advantage of the situation and returned to school. Karl has a son, Karl IV. In the fall of 2010 Karl moved back to Auroraville. After 2 very long years Karl graduated from FVTC with a Degree in Business Management. In February 2012 Karl attained a Real Estate Sales license and began a second career at Badger Real Estate and Auction Service.